Scorpio - Tarot Reading for June 24, 2017

A Look Ahead...

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21) :

It's important for you to remember that no matter what your situation, that you always have options to choose from. First things first, don't let other people tell you that your options are limited. If you come to that conclusion, be sure that you are coming to it on your own. You may very well feel trapped in a job that you detest but can't see your way clear to leave because of the security. You are not trapped unless you allow yourself  to be trapped. So think what you can do to change the situation. In case of relationship, don't let any misunderstandings to spoil your relationship. Also, don't let others interfere in your personal problems. Financially, it could be a hard period for you. Stay away from negative situations to keep yourself healthy and fit.

Tip Of The Day:

Yes, your idea is Divinely guided . . . please take action to bring your idea to fruition.
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