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Either you are an experienced tarot reader or someone who has just done his/her first reading, in today's fast paced world, if you do not have an online presence then you are missing out a lot more than you could think of.

In a small survey conducted by us, we found that there are only 2/10 tarot readers who own a website and post regularly on it. Further, if the thought of updating a website regularly seems too daunting for you then you should instead built an online tarot store that basically gives details about the different types of readings you are offering.

Example Of Different Types Of Readings
So basically, you are creating an online store, lets say, something similar to Amazon but it belongs to you and its all about tarot. - Create Your Own Online Store For Free!

Why Choose Freewebstore ?

When you go out there and start to explore your options you will be presented with many options out there. Some websites charge you some amount for setting up a webstore while others create it for free.

Built In Marketing, Customer Management and Accounting Tools -

What is special about Freewebstore, is that apart from giving you multiple themes and layouts, it provides you inbuilt features like SEO, Marketing Tools, accounting details, customer management tabs, product feed generators and so many valuable stuff that one needs to get things going. If all these terms seem alien to you, well then to put in short this website is created to reach to people and draw in more customers by supplementing you with some of the most important tools that you will require.

Easy To Create Products and Edit Them -

When you create a free store on Freewebstore, you will be logging into the beautiful back end portal which is the place where you will find everything. 

Preview Of The Dashboard/ Backend Portal
Each tab gives you access to various tools and you can easily explore and browse over to create your first product. For, majority of will be a type of reading which you would like your clients to book.

Multiple Payment Methods - Offline and Online

Once you have setup your store, the default method which is selected will be Paypal. But, the store offers a lot of other methods of payment which even includes Bank transfer. Also, depending on the currency you have selected, you will be presented with other local alternatives which are famous in your country. Not only that, it gives you proper step by step instruction on how to create an account on those services and link it to your webstore to receive payments.

Multiple Automatic Currency And Language Conversion

Yes... you read it right. The store has a built in tab on your homepage which allows users to convert and see prices of your reading in their respective currencies. Though, the payment will take place in the currency which you have selected, but this feature helps in bringing more international clients who can translate and check respective amounts in a jiffy.

Amount in USD

Amount in EUR

Inbuilt Blog 

You can convert your very store into a successful blog too, by using the inbuilt blog feature of this webstore. Though it costs you a fee of $4 but this is worth spending because this will provide you the perfect combination of a store and blog for free and its way more economical than opening up a website on

Apart from this, the freewebstore team has the best support in the industry and you can reach out to them for literary anything. - Create Your Own Online Store For Free!

Its worth a look. Go ahead and launch your website for free.

Kindly let me know in the comments in case you have some questions or you want me look and explore specific fields to enhance your tarot business