Cancer - Tarot Reading for New Year 2018

A Look Ahead...


Physical State :

Cancerians will enjoy really good health this year. Your mood will always be uplifted and the good part is this year you are not going to keep any grudges in your heart and spoil your days and nights. This could also be your new year resolution as Cancerians are very emotional and anybody can hurt them with their deeds. But, speaking up your thoughts will really help you to feel good about yourself instead of investing your energies overthinking on what is right and what is wrong and what you should do on it.

Mental State :

You will be busy making money and reaching ideas that help you manifest money with ease. You will be really thoughtful on your investments. Also, an urge of getting promoted and making more profits will continuously hit your mind. The mantra is "Be Selfish" this year unlike your nature. This will surely help you a lot to grow this year and be a beneficial year for you.

Emotional State : 

Cancerians being typical emotional people are going to cherish an overflow of emotions. The cards indicate incoming of happiness, peace, security and lots of love in your life. If you are in a relationship, you are going to cherish a wonderful year with your partner. Those who are single, may expect a God's sent angel to shower love and romance in their life. Overall, you are going to be in a very good emotional state.

Spiritual State :

Any obstacle that comes your way, just believe that God is there to take care of you. Ask God to help you and you will see that how much blessed you are. God will shower his blessings on you and help you with everything no matter how big the problem is, but you will see that how it will be resolved magically by God's grace.

Financial State :

You will find support by people if any of your finances are stuck. They will help you to find ways and receive your money. Even if you face any difficulty related to finances, some or the other person will help you reach the destination. So, don't worry about finances and worries or fear about money brings more reasons to get worried. Use affirmations related to money to clear blockages.

Relationship :

A beautiful time in relationship is all that you can expect this year. Enjoy your dinner dates, surprises, birthday presents, anniversaries as your partner is going to be really romantic this season. A happy and complete relationship with lot of emotions and emotional attachment is what is falling in your bucket this year.

Work & Career :

You will be doing really well at your work and will surely be progressing well in career. This year you are going to make really tough decisions without getting emotionally involved. The decisions will be practical and apt. Giving value to your words and believing your instincts and trusting your capabilities will surely reflect you as a strong and defined person.

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