Capricorn - Tarot Reading for New Year 2018

A Look Ahead...


Physical State :

A good health state is what you can expect this year. Try to balance your personal and professional life and keep the issues separate. You might travel to places near water. Also, you need to intake good amount of water everyday to help you release toxins from your body. Eat fresh fruits that are rich in water content.

Mental State :

You might feel stressed out a lot this year. This year you may carry burdens and pressures related to growth, marriage, career and family. This is going to disturb your mind a lot and everything may seem really distant practically. Don't think much on these issues and try to achieve your goals by staying calm and confident.

Emotional State :

You will come out of very tough emotional period and everything will take a major change in your life. The relationships that were going through negative experiences will come out of negative scenarios an will take a positive turn making you feel emotionally happy and satisfied.

Spiritual State :

The connection is going to be lost when spirituality is concerned. Your faith in God is too high but the spiritual journey will experience disinterest and negativity. You need to visualize your higher self before sleeping and try to talk to them as you talk to a person. Make God your friend and release all your feelings and emotions in front of him.

Financial State :

You will experience a good financial state this year.  Your income and outgoing is moving toward a better state of balance. Don't hesitate to ask for what you are truly due or worth. You are likely to be pleasantly surprised by how much you can improve your financial situation.

Relationship :

You would be quite dominating with your loved ones this year. Though you love them a lot and respect them, but you will expecting a lot of respect from them too. The ruling personality is what your cards describe you.

Work & Career :

A time for celebration is expected this year. You will be doing lot of appreciating tasks at work and this will keep you motivated. In case of career, you will feel that all your wishes are granted and everything is happening smoothly and steadily.

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