Create Your Online Tarot Magazine With Flipboard

Flipboard - 

You must be wondering what is this new stuff. Basically flipboard is a mobile application but is available in web too.

Meaning - 

Flip - is for flipping through articles, pages, content or information.
Board - something in which all above things are available.

So it's kind of a base where your things ar kept and you just need to flip and find what you want.

History of Flipboard - 

The app was first created back in late 2010 for the iPad and quickly became one of the most popular information based apps on the Apple Store and was even named iPad App of the Year in 2010 by Apple. Since then the app has been made available on most major smartphone platforms including: iPhone, BlackBerry 10, Android, and select Windows 8 phones.

Getting started - You can have your own account and even you can sign up using facebook, twitter and all those social media apps and ofcourse through a google mail account to start with your own flipboard.

You can create stories, blogs, links and add videos and pictures as well.

How Flipboards work? 

Flipboard is a mobile application that aggregates articles, blogs posts, and general news pieces straight into an easy to use interface all based around the users interests. Either you can view the sources thas been collected by various content providers or you can also view post created by other Flipboard users. The choice is yours.

If you wish to go through the information that has been gathered by the content providers like contents on Technology, Horoscope, DIY things, News, Education, Fashion,Travel etc., you can directly find it by using the search option. I promise you will get the best contents on it as it has been taken and filtered from the best and approves knowledgebase.

If you wish that their are certain things that is helpful for other readers or Flipboard app users, you can add your own stories, blogs and articles which is content rich and may interest others.

And, if you just want to feed your brain and have no such idea or time of sharing something from your end, Flipboard still allows you to be placed in the app :p.
Just flip and learn new things happening around the world and information you are keen to know about and just feed your brain.

Screenshot from my flipboard

How it helps me in Tarot - 

Advantage 1: My content is available to all the Flipboard users. My website/online store link, then my blogs, my passion for tarot, my inspirational stories...everything is available to users and thus I get a huge following in it. So, people know me and my content! In one word - "Followers" is what I receive.

Advantage 2: I have my own magazine! Isn't it amazing? It is (hope so :p).

Advantage 3: I am having a base where I can show up my talent. I receive comments that did they like my blogs or anything similar that they want to share and also certain things which they want to know about. So, I have to keep myself updated. And it is also challenging to bring out

Advantage 4: I can always put up daily, monthly predictions for all the zodiac.

Advantage 5: I don't have to re-write my things like I need to do in Facebook and instagram. I just have to search my own link where I have my content and then it's available as if it's made for that particular page. Saves time :)good stuffs every time.

So, till now I have found really good number of pros. And I am yet to explore more on Flipboard. So, expecting more good things to be added under this section.

Now what you need to do :)

You can visit my Flipboard and check it out! The link is provided below: 

Check out my Flipboard magazine, World of Tarot - Antarninad Tarot Reading

Downloads Section -

Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine