Gemini - Tarot Reading for New Year 2018

A Look Ahead...


Physical State :

Geminis will be having a good health this year. Recovery from a long term disease is also expected. Sudden plans of travelling may also take place which will be a really good refreshment for you. You need to work only upon your anger and everything will be alright for you.

Mental State :

You might be really confused while taking decisions and thus you will keep on juggling between what could be the right choice or should you opt for a particular thing on not. Mostly, these choices will be related to finances. Keep yourself calm and then see the pros and cons of the situation you are bothered about and accordingly take the decision. You may also make emotional decisions but then it's anyway going to be fruitful.

Emotional State :

You might be really harsh on yourself this year, hiding of lots of secrets and being inside your shell. Don't be so strict with yourself. It's ok if you let your emotions flow and make them known to your loved ones that how and what are you feeling. Also, you may be hurt with certain issues which will also result in making you feel low. Share your feelings with your loved ones and they will surely prove to be great support.

Spiritual State :

Spiritually it's going to be really a good connect with the higher self and spending time worshiping God will help you in peace and security.

Financial State :

You may bear some losses in finances. Along with the financial loss, you may also lose your terms and relations with the people involved. The only mantra is do not hold on these losses in your mind and heart and try to find ways on how you can help yourself recover from it.

Relationship :

You may feel harsh behavior of your partner most of the time this year which will make you unhappy in your relationship. Your partner may not agree their mistakes and be very rigid with their opinions which will make you feel disrespected and unwanted. Try to make good communication with your partner and help them realize your worth. Expressing yourself may prove to be a really good help for you and heal your relationship.

Work & Career :

This year may require you to travel a lot for work purpose. The deals are going to be fruitful but before making any decision, you need to research a lot and find about major things related to the work/ business. This phase may require your efforts but for the long run, this is really important so don't skip this part.

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