Get More Views On Your Youtube Tarot Videos - Youtube SEO

Let's dive into Youtube in this post. Many of you might have definitely referred to Youtube, atleast once to either learn about new spreads, hear interviews of other tarot readers,  see daily/weekly/monthly readings and for so many other reasons...

While you browse through the videos of other tarot readers, there is a small voice in the back your head wondering - " I need to make some tarot videos and launch my channel"

Guess what, many of us do listen to this little guy in back of our mind and ta-da ... we have our YouTube Channel up and running ....wooo hooo :D

Then after customising it a little, we set down to record the very first Youtube video and upload it and then sharing it like crazy with all friends/family/clients to see it, like it and subscribe our Channel. After all this hard work, comes the time when reality decides to jump in... You suddenly seem to notice that your video is not getting views, nor is it featuring on the top pages of those particular keywords ...

And then you realize ...oh I need to make some more videos... Then after 1 month of hard work ...lets say you managed to put around 15-30 Videos on your channel...but the views are not increasing and it seems a long way to that 10,000 view counts which you need to cross in order to start earning...

Well, this is a story for everyone ...but I'm going to share a simple trick that will boost your videos and help them rank up better than others over a period of time. What I meant by rank up is that, they will be featured over other channels on Youtube... technically speaking we are gonna look at a way to optimise your video for Youtube search.

Youtube Embeds, Backlinks And Sharing -

So, the trick to rank up your video and grow its popularity organically over a period of time is by spreading out your video across various websites and social media channels. Well, the best way to do so is to order a seller to create these links for you. Follow the step by step guide below to get some links for your videos.

Advantages Of Creating Youtube Embeds -

  • Videos Rank Up Faster
  • Videos get more popularity
  • You can expect a increase in organic views over sometime

Step By Step Guide -

There are many sites there offering this service at varied costs, but the place to get them is SEOCLERKS. You can get a service here at $1 or $5 and it pretty much suits many of us. Plus, the services are completely safe and sound to use

STEP 1 - Sign Up On Seoclerk -

The first step is to create an account on They ask for minimum information, like email id and username and you are all set make your first purchase.

STEP 2 - Search Youtube Embeds And Try A Service

Once you have set up and have successfully created an account. Type - Youtube Embeds in the search bar and you will find a lot of services being listed. Select one that fits your budget and proceed with the order.

Once the service is complete, you will see the effects in around 15-20 days or more depending on the quantity, quality and other competitive factors

For Which Videos Does It Work The Best -

Since the embeds take sometime to ramp up, the best videos are the long term or evergreen videos. So, these include videos about Tarot Spreads, Tips and Tricks, Yearly Tarot Readings and so on. Try to avoid using these on Daily Tarot Reading Videos.

If you have any question do let me know via the comments section

Some Recommended Services On Seoclerk -

You can try out other and different types of services too and see what works best for you