How To Use Instagram Hashtags For Getting New Customers

Instagram allows a total of 30 hashtags that you can add in a post. Many people do not pay enough heed to these and end up losing a lot of reach and potential clients and customers. Majority of readers on Instagram are using on an average only 7-8 hashtags and are not realizing what they are missing. So, before we dive into on the important strategy to increase your reach, I'm gonna talk about different ways to post Instagram hashtags

Different Ways To Post Instagram HashTags -

Method 1 - Under The Content Within The Post

This is the most implemented method of posting hashtags. In this method, you add your hashtags under the post you have written. That is for example you are writing your daily tarot reading, so here after you are finished with the reading, you can add hashtags write away under your reading.

Method 2 - HashTags as Comment

If you are someone who is not found of adding too many hashtags under the post because it doesn't appeal to you, then you should add hashtags as a comment once under the post. The Instagram algorithm is aligned to read those and list your content under the hashtags

Best HashTags Every Tarot Reader Should Use -

Tarot Related Hashtags

This is common sense to use tarot related hashtags in your post to reach to those who are interested in tarot. Below are some of the must use hashtags you should use. You can copy paste those directly under your post

#tarot #tarotreading #tarotreader #tarotlove #tarotreadersofig #tarotreadersofinstagram #freetarot #freetarotreading #dailytarot #dailytarotreading  #tarotcards #oraclecards #taroteverydamnday #tarotbook #tarotcommunity

Other Tarot Hashtags

The importance of other tarot hashtags is often overlooked my most of the readers out there. Tarot readings are meant for everyone. So, in order to reach out to a wider audience it is best to include other different hashtags under the reading. So, if I'm someone who likes fitness and Instagram has been showing me everything tagged as fitness under the explore tab, then if you tag fitness on your tarot is most likely gonna pop up for me and thus visit your profile too

Here are some hashtags you can use -

#fitness #gym #girl #hot #girls # makeup #dance #yoga # art #artist # motivation #awesome #help and so on...

Just keep popping random tags in your posts for maximum results and you will see the results soon