Leo - Tarot Reading for New Year 2018

A Look Ahead...


Physical State : 

Leos will be going through physical breakdown this year so you need to be strict with your diet plans. Too much of forcing yourself when your body is not ready to support, may result in adverse health effects. Also, try releasing your negative energies. You can chant mantras for relaxation, do meditation and also do salt water baths for the same.

Mental State :

You will be really strong mentally. Before taking any decision, consult somebody who has got good experience in the same thing. Also, you might have been through same experiences in the past, recal those incidents and then take decision. Also, your mind will be too much occupied working on different ways and a number of things. Again, have patience and try to be calm.

Emotional State :

You will be spending quality time with your loved ones. You will feel very happy and relaxed around your partner. Visit orphanage as you will have a deep connection with children happiness. Donating there or bringing smile to their face will help you feel much energetic and loved.

Spiritual State :

Spiritually, you might feel little disconnection with God. Even while chanting God's name, you might feel that your mind is occupied in some completely different issues and your heart is still facing the same fear. You need to focus on the current situation. Ask God to help you with the same and you will realize that all your problems are vanished.

Financial State :

Good news expected in case of finances. This year will help you grow financially and this will really make your life sorted and relaxed. All your financial issues will come to an end. Travelling related to growing your business may take place and those who are looking forward for onsite opportunities, may expect good news.

Relationship :

The ones who are in serious relationship, you need to be very careful about it as their are chances of separation or breakup because of fights.

Work & Career :

Your boss might be really bossy with you and the strict behavior might hurt you at work. Growth with lot of pressure and efforts is expected. Slowly and steadily things won't take place and if you act slowly and eventually result in delays, then you might see yourself out of the league. Try to make smart moves.

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