Libra - Tarot Reading for New Year 2018

A Look Ahead...


Physical State :

Librans may feel very negative and stressed out because of certain reasons. You might land yourself into depression and inadequate sleep might result in more of health issues. Try to keep yourself away from negativity but serious health problems might occur in your life.

Mental State :

You might be disturbed with other people's point of view and also too much of interference by others in your life and thus your mind would be occupied thinking about them and how you can avoid them. The only mantra is that take advice from the people who are very close to your heart. Investing your energies on such people whom you should not be bothered about is not going to serve you and thus try to focus upon things that's actually going to help you grow.

Emotional State :

You will be emotionally very high this year. Also, a bundle of joy is expected in your life or home. You will be enjoying a very happy and healthy family time and this will help you in your own nurturing around the people whom you love and who loves you.

Spiritual State :

It would be quite difficult for you to connect with God. The frustrations being high will make it difficult for you to focus while meditating or connecting with the higher self.

Financial State :

Financially, you will be doing sound this year. God has major goals for you and will help you with his blessings. You will have lots of learning while making financial decisions. A large of money is expected to be received. This is also a perfect year to make investments, buy new home, a new car and do lots of savings.

Relationship :

You might feel a bit scared about losing your partner. Though things are absolutely fine and will remain the same, but the sense of insecurity will make you feel troubled. Do not overthink about your relationship. Try to overcome this anxiety. All is well!

Work & Career :

The ones looking for job, will knock amazingly good opportunities. The ones who are already doing a job, growth and prosperity is expected. You will be doing extremely well in your career. This would be a period when you can expect all your wishes are granted related to your work and career.

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