Sagittarius - Tarot Reading for New Year 2018

A Look Ahead...


Physical State :

You might have health issues that will be recovered in a short span of time. So, these health issues are going to be minor. Also, spend some time mediatating as this will help you understand your own self, your desires and help you in self control. The experiences that are going to occur in coming future, meditating will help you a lot to find path and your vision to reach the destination.

Mental State :

It's a period free from stress and baggage. You will be having a good time relaxing and enjoying. Also, you will share good time with your family and friends that will help you with keeping you happy and cheerful.

Emotional State :

You will experience certain difference in opinions with your loved ones. Trust your intuition in this case. Emotionally, that might hurt you as at the end of everything, you want everyone to be happy and in a good state. Try to understand others point of view at this time. This will help you in analyzing their situation and what could be beneficial at that moment.

Spiritual State :

You may experience detachment from a loved one and this will not let you connect with God. Their absence in your life will not let you forget them and the complaining attitude with God may develop. Everything happens for a reason and when a space becomes vacant, either it is filled with the same thing later or is replaced by something even more better. Have faith in God and everything is going to be perfectly fine.

Financial State :

You need to be very much careful with finances. You will be receiving or making good amount in the beginning of the year but because of your own mistakes, you will bear major financial losses. Also, be very sure before making any sort of investments.

Relationship :

You will share an amazing period with your loved ones. All your relationships are blessed this year. Chances of getting married are really high and also travelling to other countries with your dear ones is expected. You will cherish this year with your family and friends.

Work & Career :

Some major changes in career is expected. If you are moving to a new location or opting a new job or planning a new business or beginning your career in a new field, make sure everything is clear and you have a better understanding of the terms and conditions, inputs and outputs and all the processes related to it. You will find someone who will surely safeguard you to reach your destination. So, do not overlook and ignore any suggestion or advises you receive.

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