Taurus - Tarot Reading for New Year 2018

A Look Ahead...


Physical State :

Taurus needs to be really careful as you may land yourself into depression. Your health will be really poor and you need to be very much alert on the food that you intake. Also, you may feel pressurized and tensed which may further degrade your health. Stay calm. Don't overthink on issues you can't control. Choose peace and happiness. Follow the path of positivity. Only this could help you out of depression.

Mental State : 

Your mental state says that you will be always thinking about the people that who are really close to you heart and holds special place in your life.  The unconditional love for them is all that your mind will be engaged upon. Their presence will make you feel positive and strong.

Emotional State :

When emotions are concerned, you need to check yourself as there may be times when you might not be sure on what to do and what not to do. Have a very clear vision upon things you
are looking up for, in your life. Emotionally, it would be a good period.

Spiritual State :

You will be highly connected to God this year. You will be going through a time of rapid spiritual growth. Your intuitions will be very much helpful to you over this period so, trust your instincts whenever you feel any doubt or confusion. Leave your fears to God. Faith is all that matters. The situation you would be worried about, will automatically heal and thus you
need not worry about them.

Financial State :

You will be doing really great in case of finances. If you are running your family business, then huge deals will be made. If you feel to make an agreement for major profits in your work, just go ahead with it as it will be really fruitful.

Relationship :

This year is going to be really cheerful in case of relationship. You might also plan a vacation with your partner. If you are single, you may expect to meet your life partner this year. Good news related to marriage or arrival of the little steps is expected. Love is in the air for Taurus in 2018.

Work & Career :

You will be doing really good at work. Promotions and unexpected increments are expected. You will receive more than your expectations in your work and career this year. You may also get your dream job which you will surely cherish. Success is all that you can expect!

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