Top 5 Things Every Tarot Reader Should Post On Their Facebook Page

You might have read about the importance of Social Media and majority of you will already have a Facebook Page by now where you must be uploading your content from your blog or posting in daily readings.

Everyone loves the response they get back from their clients and when people reach out to for a reading it is a dream come true.

But, are the options to what you can post on Facebook really limited? Let's check out the Top 5 things which you can post on your Facebook Page to keep it active and interesting for both yourself and your clients -

1. Daily Tarot Readings -

Yes, this one is a hit and definitely something which people love to read. You may be under the impression that people are not reading your posts, but believe me there are clients who are eagerly waiting for you to publish the daily reading and it is the first thing they love to read in the morning.

Daily readings not only keep you active but it helps you by developing one of the most important quality a tarot reader must have and that is his/her communication skills. When you write that little reading everyday, unconsciously you are improving day by day in terms of your knowledge, communication skills and your style.

So, make sure you take out a little time from your busy schedule to reach out to people and give them the daily treat.

2. Tarot Reading Weekly/Monthly Videos -

What works more that a daily post are the weekly or monthly tarot videos. Around 80% of people who happen to visit your page will hit that play button just out of the sheer curiosity to listen in what you have to say. 

Kindly note, I'm not talking about videos which you upload on Youtube and then share the link on your Facebook Page, instead I'm talking about videos which you upload on your Facebook Page directly.

You don't have to post them on daily basis, but post them at least on monthly or weekly basis to see amazing results. You will be surprised with the response you will get.

3. Post Links From Your Blog Or Other Blogs -

Though some people highly undermine the power of sharing a link with their clients, but if you happen to come across a beautiful post which you came across, then make sure you share it on your page. It can be from your blog or from some other tarot reader's blog.

There are chances where people start to think that this tarot reader is so self obsessed and believe me it has a very bad effect on your tarot brand. How many times, I do come across readers who reply back with this statement - " Do you have any idea.. who I am?" and then they go on bragging about themselves. To be frank enough, try to avoid this statement at all costs... nobody gives a shit on who the f**k are you... so be simple and let your skill do the talking rather than you bragging about it...

Ok... coming back to the topic... posting links gives an idea to the clients that you are very much interested in learning more and more and willing to share your gifts across. So, this has a huge impact and reflects a reader that everybody want to trust and go ahead for a reading.

4. Create Events And Offers -

The next thing which you should target is to try to come up with creative events, can be online or offline ones, which grabs the attention of people and help them in their life. These could range from organizing a small tarot contest or something where you question your clients and try to understand them better and contribute in their life. You can utilize these to take proper feedback from them to and jot down the points on which you can enhance your skills.

Another amazing feature is creating an offer to help more people and attract new customers. The offers could be like giving away free readings on a particular day or giving a percentage off on what you charge for your readings during the desired time slot. 

Put on your creative caps and innovate. There is so much you can do and this is something which will make you unique. 

5. Share A Personal Moment -

Yes...when I look at pages of tarot readers on Facebook, most of them looks like a random robot pushing in content after content about tarot. Except from the profile picture of the Page, there is no other humanly touch on the page.

Share a small event that you would like your share with your customers. You are no different from the others, we have the same problems others face in life, we have the same aspirations ...and when you let your clients know this ... that post touches something deep within their hearts and help them resonate with you on a very different level.

Looking forward to hear back from you via comments. Also, share other different ways which have proven to be successful for you ...would love to hear about those..