Virgo - Tarot Reading for New Year 2018

A Look Ahead...


Physical State :

Health will be perfectly fine. Avoid any mental pressures and do take rest after a hectic day. If you don't have enough sleep, you will become restless the next day and also this will result in mood swings. Proper sleep will help you stay active and energetic at all times.

Mental State :

You might go through feeling lonely at times when tough decisions are to be made. This will make you overthink on the same issues. You might go through situations where your friends and family might hurt you resulting you to feel sad, disheartened and hurt. This will affect your mental state a lot as you will be replaying the same things in your mind. Everything will be alright and time and situations are never the same, you need to understand the same in this case.

Emotional State :

There will be an overflow of good emotions within you. The attitude of finding something beneficial or that pleases you and makes you happy is the best quality within you. Carry the same attitude and shine brightly.

Spiritual State :

Spiritually you will be very strong this year. The connection with God is super strong in your case. Every fear, problem, stress, dilemma, you will find the ways to release it and come out of it gracefully by God's help. Pray every day and thank God for this life. God is there for you every time, everywhere.

Financial State :

The confusion in choosing the path of making correct financial incoming will be something that is going to trouble you. Just evaluate what is beneficial for you in the long run. The cards see your growth mostly in the second half of this year. Be very confident once you have made up your mind about something and give your cent percent efforts without looking back. This will help you in your progress.

Relationship :

The problem that you will face is time constraint in your relationship. You might not be able to spend quality and quantity time with your partner and this might create troubles in your relationship. This will lead to frustrations in relationship. Try to invest your time in your relation to keep up the charm and love.

Work & Career :

You will be making quite emotional decisions at work. The affection and connect with colleagues will ruin your growth as your feelings will be misused by them. Try to keep professional relations professional. This is much needed at work so that your work and efforts are visible. Also, avoid any gossips and if you hear some about you, better to confront the person instead of keeping the grudges within you.

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