Motivational Tarot Reading for March 6, 2018

This is a story explaining how adversity is met differently by different people. Meryem's father placed an egg, a potato, and some tea leaves in three separate vessels with boiling water. He asked  Meryem to keep an eye on the vessels for ten minutes. Once these ten minutes were over , he asked Meryem to peel the potato, peel the egg and strain the tea leaves. Meryem was left puzzled.
Her father explained , ‘Each of these items was but in the same circumstance of being in a pot of boiling water. See how they’ve responded differently. The potato is now soft, the egg is now hard, and the tea has changed the water itself. We are all like these items. When adversity calls we respond in exactly the way they have. Now are you a potato, an egg or are you tea leaves?’
Moral of the story : "We can choose how to respond to a difficult situation."